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SATE (Exterior Thermal Insulation System)

Today, it is increasingly important to take care of the environment and save energy in our homes. For this reason, many people wonder what they can do to improve the energy efficiency of their home. A very popular option is to install an Exterior Thermal Insulation System (SATE). In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of SATE, how it is installed, what products Grupo Puma offers, how to receive advice and how to request a quote.

## What is SATE?

The SATE is a thermal insulation system that is placed on the outside of the house. Its main function is to prevent energy loss and improve the energy efficiency of the home. The SATE consists of several layers, including the outer coating, a layer of thermal insulation and a final finish. Thermal insulation can be made of different materials, such as expanded polystyrene, mineral wool, cork, etc. The objective is to reduce the transmission of heat between the interior and exterior of the house.

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## Benefits of SATE

SATE has numerous benefits, both for energy efficiency and home comfort. Among the most outstanding benefits are the following:

- **Energy saving**: SATE prevents the loss of energy through the walls, which translates into energy savings and a reduction in the electricity and gas bill.
- **Improved thermal comfort**: By avoiding energy losses, a more stable temperature is achieved inside the home, which improves its thermal comfort.
- **Acoustic insulation**: SATE also offers good acoustic insulation, reducing outside noise.
- **Aesthetic improvement**: SATE allows you to change the image of the house's façade, improving its aesthetics.

## SATE installation

The installation of the SATE is a relatively simple process, but it requires a professional specialized in its installation. The process can be divided into the following steps:

1. Surface preparation: The surface must be clean, free of dust, grease, moisture and loose particles. Elements that may interfere with the installation of the system, such as downspouts, gutters, etc., must also be removed.

2. Placement of the insulation layer: The thermal insulation layer is placed on the surface of the wall, pasting it with a special adhesive.

3. Mechanical fixing: The thermal insulation panels are fixed with mechanical anchors.

4. Placement of the reinforcing mesh: A reinforcing mesh is placed on the insulation panels, fixing it with a special glue.

5. Application of the base mortar: A layer of base mortar is applied on the reinforcing mesh.

6. Application of the final finish: Finally, the final finish is applied on the base mortar. This finish can be a paint, a ceramic coating, an acrylic coating, among others.

It is important to note that the installation process may vary depending on the type of system and materials used, so it is essential to have a specialized professional carry out a prior evaluation and provide adequate advice.

## Puma Group Products

Grupo Puma is a company specialized in the manufacture of materials for construction and rehabilitation. Among its products, it offers a wide variety of external thermal insulation systems, adapted to the needs of each client.

Among the most outstanding products of Grupo Puma are:

- **SATE TermoPuma**: System composed of expanded polystyrene plates, fiberglass mesh and final coating. It is very easy to install and offers high thermal resistance.

- **TermoPuma Ventilated SATE**: System similar to the previous one, but with a ventilated air chamber between the insulation and the final coating. This air chamber further improves the energy efficiency and thermal comfort of the home.

- **SATE TermoPuma Corcho**: Thermal insulation system made up of natural cork plates, fiberglass mesh and final coating. Cork is a natural and sustainable material, which offers high performance in thermal and acoustic insulation.

- **SATE TermoPuma Lana Mineral**: Thermal insulation system made up of mineral wool plates, fiberglass mesh and final coating. Mineral wool is a very resistant and durable material, which offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

## Advice and budgets

Before installing a SATE, it is essential to receive adequate advice from a professional specialized in its installation. This advice must include a prior assessment of the state of the home, a recommendation of the most suitable system and a detailed budget.

Grupo Puma offers a personalized advisory service, in which a specialized technician visits the home, assesses its condition and recommends the most appropriate system. In addition, Grupo Puma also offers a free quote service, detailing the cost of materials and installation.

SATE is an exterior thermal insulation system that offers numerous advantages, such as improved thermal comfort, reduced energy consumption and an extension of the useful life of the home. Versatec/ is a leading company in the manufacture of materials for construction and rehabilitation, and offers a wide variety of SATE systems adapted to the needs of each client. It is important to have professional advice and a detailed budget before installing a SATE, to guarantee an optimal and lasting result. If you are interested in installing a SATE in your home, do not hesitate to contact Versatec to receive personalized advice and a free estimate.

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