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We are a group companyThe Apple Boxwith more than 20 years of experience in modular construction with hundreds of completed works. Three years ago, we decided to innovate by incorporating the Steel Frame construction system, since it is an agile, versatile, lightweight and flexible system that is widely used today around the world.

“Technology changes, construction too” 

We started as a small construction company on the Costa del Sol and today we are leaders in the drywall construction sector. Being pioneers in the implementation of the Steel Frame system throughout Andalusia. 

 We have a team of specialists and professionals willing to provide you with comprehensive solutions in the sector. Starting with the design of your property and the search for plots, up to the construction and authorization of the necessary permits for its use.

Traditional housing is changing,

materials are changing,

life is changing.

Core Values

Our vision

Build excellent and sustainable homes, with the support of our trajectory based on quality and responsible service to generate well-being and happiness for our clients.

Our mission

Being present in the design and construction market as regional leaders


Our values

•    Creativity
•    Teamwork 
•    Plurality of ideas
•    Sustainability
•    Quest for excellence

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